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This is the home of Third Coast Kings, purveyors of proper Deep Funk and Heavy Soul based out of Michigan. We are here to deliver your recommended daily dose of Get Down Music!

If You Go Chasing Rabbits... 

This weekend, TCK ventured up to Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario to help celebrate the 1st Anniversary of The White Rabbit, a spot that, a year ago, was not as well known to us, but on this weekend, was full of friends. We came to drop off a delivery of funk, as usual. This time, we had a number of new songs that were performed first, here, on Saturday night! 

Deep Funk Update  

Whew! The new year is here and already going at a breakneck pace. To fill in what the band is up to, Sean sat down in front of a camera and set down five minutes of TCK onfo for you. Enjoy, anx let us know if you like it! 

October Funk Delivered! 

October saw TCK traveling into Ohio, Detroit, and farther into Canada than we have to date. We had the pleasure of playing multiple shows with the same bands, which led to much fun being had, and friends being made! In fact, a big shout out to KC Roberts & the Live Revolution, Astrosymphonics, and The Soul Motivators! All great bands worth checking out! 
So much Funk, Soul, and Jazz being played thru the month, it was hard to keep up with everything! Fortunately, we captured enough fun on camera to make something for everyone who couldn't catch our shows! Let us know if you like our document in the comments below, and we'll hopefully see you in person, soon!

October Fun, October Funk! 

Enclosed below is our submission for proper doses of Deep Funk and Heavy Soul for the month of October, or Funktober, because we'll be playing a bit this month. Including a swing thru Canada! We are honored and excited to present our reminder to you for good times with us thru this month!


A Sip Of Summer 2015 

Summer is giving way to Autumn, here in the Northern Hemisphere. As sad as that makes some, we thought we’d give you a little taste of how our summer deliveries of funk went! A ‘sip,' if you will, of Summer, just as our calendars turn the page to the final few months of 2015. If you like the video, or were at one of our shows this summer, comment below. Especially, if you have some pictures to share!

The New Home Of The Third Coast Kings 

Welcome to the new home to all things Third Coast Kings! Here is the place where Deep Funk and Heavy Soul Music lives. You will find our take on it right here, and we hope to hear from you about these things, too! Funk and Soul Culture, Beats, and Life! 
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    Big Ross Northeast

    You guys got it. Thanks. Now come to me!!

    You guys got it. Thanks. Now come to me!!


Private Party - Canada Day

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